Squeak vm for nds

Squeak VM for nds running under Desmume

Here is a port of the Squeak VM for the Nintendo DS. The port is quite bare for the moment, but seems to work fine with a stripped down Squeak 3.0 image.

Because of the NDS limited memory, this port can only run small footprint images. It uses both screens on the DS, and supports color resolutions from 1 to 16 bits. It lacks (among other things) sound support and a virtual keyboard.

I’m not sure if a virtual keyboard should be integrated in the vm. It seems indeed undesirable for images that do not need keyboard input. I think a better option would be to provide a virtual keyboard inside the squeak image, but do not know yet if this is feasible.

Getting it


You can get a copy of the repository using GIT by typing:

% git clone git://

or browse the individual files. At this latter URL, you can also request a snapshot of the repository by clicking on “snapshot”.


The Squeak image used for the above screenshot is available here