Pablo de Oliveira Castro

You can reach me at

The fingerprint of my OpenPGP key 0x10CB31B4 is 6105 8732 06C4 5700 B7A4 8D83 D2F0 74F0 10CB 31B4.

Computer science professor at the Université de Versailles St-Quentin-en-Yvelines teaching operating systems design, compiler construction, and floating-point error analysis. I am also responsable de mention for the master degree in High Performance Computing and Simulation.

I participate in Écopolien, a political ecology group, that brings together researchers and teachers concerned by the climate crisis.


My research topics include computer arithmetic, performance and energy characterization and optimization, and parallel languages for high performance computing.



You may be interested by some of the slides, exercices and labs which I use in my computer science lectures.